Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Elusive Sense of Achievement

I've found something often asked during the interview process is,"What do you think is your greatest achievement". I'm unfortunately, due to the situation, forced to bite my tongue and refrain from a comment such as, "Get that one out of Holding Interviews for Dummies did you?" and respond with a not untruthful but perhaps not overly considered answer.

My achievements are so inconsequential in the face of what I regard as being globally important. Sure I've progressed, and seen each goal I've reached as an achievement but seldom does anyone else. Not that I'm one to measure my own success against the views of others, but the admiration of peers is never going to be treated with distain.

That said: learning the skills I have, gaining the friends I have, finding people wishing to employ my talents, these are the equivalent of finding sentient life on Mars in comparison to someone who heralds their success by announcing "FIRST" on an internet message board.

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