Sunday, March 4, 2007

Lights, Camel Action! : B.D. I

I like a good film but like a bad one even more. I have a tendency to get a bit obsessed about the occasional movie and a prime example of this is "Funny Man". 
I read a review for it years ago while on coffee break at St Georges and decided It had to be seen. Described as a black comedy schlok-horror, destiny decided to stand in my way and disallow me the pleasure to be gained from this potential B-movie classic. The girl I was seeing refused to go, nobody else was interested and foolish pride prevented me going to The Filmhouse alone.

Eventually it came out on video but every time I saw the case, it was on loan. It presented itself to me on a shelf in Virgin Records once, like the Holy Grail, but I didn't have enough money and upon returning with the fiscal requirements for the purchase, somebody had beaten me to it. 
A casual interest in this film was becoming a distinct NEED to see it, a need that was put to rest my last Saturday in Edinburgh before departing for Bahrain when I paid Virgin one last visit - to no avail.

Enter Queen Video stage left.

Let me first introduce you to the world of video shops in Bahrain. They may have about 30 actual films on display, the rest are pirate copies selected from ring binders filled with hundreds of photocopied video covers. Queen video has more films in its horror selection than the average Blockbuster has in its entire library. Lets see if you can guess what film they have?

Approximately 3,700 miles from when it was filmed, I found a copy of Funny Man. Where Edinburgh had failed me Manama, Bahrain was welcoming me with open arms, granting my desires and putting to rest a borderline obsession that has lasted almost three years.

It was out.


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