Thursday, April 19, 2007

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In the halcyon days of home computing (idyllic despite a Commodore/Spectrum brand loyalty war raging amongst the nations teenagers), a ubiquitous sight was that of a lonely C64 on display in Comet or Dixons it's output dedicated to the sole task of repeating "Moz Woz Here" until someone felt charitable enought to put it out of its misery and press the RUN/STOP key.

People have forgotten what computers are REALLY for.

The traditional school punishment of "writing lines" is meaningless to a computer, a dull tedious grind to a human is the bread and butter of a computer. They're MEANT for dull repetitive tasks, but seem now to be making our lives more complicated. Word files are sent to me with indents spaced out immaculately with individual key presses instead of tabs or style sheets. Powerpoint presentations with page backgrounds placed individually rather than using master page designs. All the tedious, time consuming work that systems are in place to save you the effort, and people gladly plough on in expecting the task at hand to be complicated because computers seem complicated.

While always preferring to take the shortest possible route to finishing a task I recently looked into Applescript, a function of the Mac computers I've known used and loved for well over a decade. If you use a Mac, especially in design, look into it… it's gonna change your life.

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